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Ege Group Homes projects will have a standard price whether sold directly by us or by our agents. This price will include all required government fees, taxes and legal fees so there no hidden extras to the customer. The price is fixed until exchange of contracts and keys are given to the customer. We do this to keep things simple, ensure financial expectations and to avoid any escalating costs to the customer. There is one price and that is what you pay.

The only extra costs will be after receipt of keys/TAPU where the customer will be required to personally set up water, electric, telephone, internet registration as there is a requirement that this is in the owner’s name.  Our team will help navigate this at no charge. There will also be a maintenance fee that will be set up with customers at the sales stage.

Please see below the various stages:


We market ourselves and with our agents worldwide through various sources including online, estate agents, social media, property portholes, newspapers and magazines.

Customer first contact

Anyone interested in buying or investing in Turkish properties can email or call our team/agents who will give any further information required, and if the customer is interested in visiting the property/sites, one of our team/agents will be available either by phone or face to face to arrange the visit.


After an initial assessment, customers with the means and a serious interest in buying/investing can visit the properties/sites for 3 to 4 days (dependant on season/flights availability). Visitors would be at a maximum of four people (including children) per party. Flights will need to be booked and paid for by the customers after agreeing on dates. Upon arrival in Turkey the customer will be met at the airport by one of our team and taken to accommodation. One day will be spent having a tour of the area and going through the sales procedure. The following day customers will be shown properties/sites and surrounding areas. On the final day we can take the customers to a point of interest to them (historical places, shopping etc.)

On this visit, accommodation and meals for our guests will be paid by our company. Plus, if customers are satisfied and decide to go ahead with the purchase whilst on the visit, up to two of an economic class ticket price will be deducted from the deposit.



Payment schedules are flexible and can be adjusted to suit the purchasers needs. An example of our usual standard payment schedule is an initial deposit of one thousand pounds followed by 40% of the balance within the first month from the date of signing the agreement. This will be followed by two further instalments of 15% and a final payment of 30% one month before completion. The purchase agreement will set all this out clearly with the purchaser at the time of signing the agreement.

If any customer requires a mortgage our team are ready to help through our Turkish lenders with no commission.

After sale


  1. Once the purchase agreement has been signed, our team will supply regular images showing progress of the build. Should you wish to visit the site during the build we can arrange accommodation and transfers up to twice (for a maximum of four people, including children), although flights and meals would be at the purchaser’s expense.
  2. On our maintenance plans we have various levels of contracts to suit our customer’s needs. These include transfers, cleaning service and car hire.
  3. All our properties come with building and interior guarantees. On expiry of guarantees, should any problems arise, our maintenance team are there to assist, either solving the problems themselves or directing them to the appropriate tradesman.
  4. If any customer requires help to furnish their house, our team will be happy to help them obtain the right quality goods at a competitive price.



Turkey is a popular tourist destination for those interested in the culture, history or relaxing. Kusadasi offers all of these to its tourists. It is also popular with Turks from other areas of Turkey looking for a holiday by the sea. For this reason, each year more and more people are visiting Kusadasi during the summer months. Many families are now looking at villa’s and apartments as opposed to hotels for their summer vacation. For Turkish holiday-makers, they usually take their holidays primarily in July and August.

Ege Birlik Yapi A.S. has a rental department that presently rents company buildings to tourists, and should you wish to take advantage of renting your property whilst empty during July and August, our rental department would be happy to assist for a small fee. There is a good potential for some income should you wish.

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